About the IAC

About the IAC

The IAC provides an independent and expeditious alternative to court litigation and operates to the highest international standards to resolve civil and commercial disputes in the AIFC.

It has its own panel of world leading arbitrators and mediators comprising global reputations for absolute independence, impartiality, integrity, unconditional application of the rule of law, and incorruptibility.

Arbitration awards of the IAC may be enforced within the Republic of Kazakhstan as Court Orders of the AIFC Court and enforcement is supported by a robust enforcement system.

The IAC operates from permanent state of the art administrative facilities, including leading IT, conference, meeting, and hearing rooms, at "IAC Chambers" which are located at the IAC EXPO-2017 premises in Astana. 

The arbitrators, mediators, procedures, practices and standards at the IAC will be familiar to businesses currently operating in major financial centres around the world.